Welcome to 2339!

Our names are Tony and Jasmine, and we are the creators of 2339, LLC. The concept to start 2339 centers around our love for our home and each other. We moved in together during the pandemic and because of the lockdowns, we spent a majority of our time at home. During those months we curated every aspect of our home to be comfortable, inviting and warm. We've always loved candles and home fragrance in general, and at any given moment we're burning candles, incense or palo santo. Each scent at 2339 is inspired by scents commonly found in our home. 

A portion of our profits are donated to housing assistance programs. With rising costs of rent and utilities, housing is becoming harder to obtain. Our business is inspired by our home and each candle sold will help someone obtain safe housing. Our hope is that our candles bring joy and comfort from our home to the next.