Creating Our Concrete Vessels

Back in 2021, before we launched 2339 or developed any scents, we knew we wanted to create a household object that is both aesthetic and functional. Drawing inspiration from brutalist architecture and the feng shui shapes, we chose cement as our medium and pursued a circular shape. Here’s a view into the journey of designing and creating our concrete vessels.

What Inspired the Design?

When it came to designing our concrete vessels, we drew inspiration from two distinct sources: brutalist architecture and feng shui shapes. Brutalist architecture, known for its raw and exposed concrete surfaces, provided us with a foundation for our design aesthetic. We wanted our vessels to embody the strength and simplicity that brutalist architecture is known for.

Additionally, we looked to feng shui shapes for guidance. The circular shape, in particular, symbolizes unity, harmony, and balance. We believed that incorporating this shape into our design would not only make our vessels visually appealing but also enhance the energy flow within a space.

The Design Process

Once we had a clear vision of the design direction, we began the process of bringing our concrete vessels to life. It all started with extensive research and sketching. We explored various circular forms, experimenting with different sizes and proportions to find the perfect balance. 

After finalizing the design concept, we moved on to the prototyping phase. This involved creating molds and pouring the cement mixture into them. We paid meticulous attention to the composition of the cement mixture, ensuring it had the right balance of strength and workability.

Once the molds were filled, we allowed the cement to cure and set. This process required patience, as it took several days for the vessels to fully harden. Once cured, we carefully removed the molds, revealing the beautiful circular concrete vessels.

The Finishing Touches

While the raw concrete vessels were visually striking, we wanted to add a touch of refinement to them. To achieve this, we employed various finishing techniques. One technique involved sanding the surface to create a smooth and polished texture. Another technique involved applying a sealant to protect the concrete and enhance its durability.

The Final Product

After months of design iterations, prototyping, and refining, we are finally able to unveil our concrete vessels to the world. The end result is a collection of stunning, circular vessels that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.

Our concrete vessels serve as versatile home decor pieces, suitable for a variety of settings and styles. Whether used as planters, candle holders, or simply as standalone decorative objects, they bring a touch of modern elegance to any space.

At 2339, we take pride in the journey we embarked on to create these concrete vessels. From the initial inspiration to the meticulous design process and the finishing touches, every step was driven by our passion for creating objects that are both visually captivating and purposeful.

If you're looking to add a unique and sophisticated touch to your home, our concrete vessels are the perfect choice. Explore our collection and discover the beauty of brutalist-inspired design combined with the harmonious energy of feng shui shapes. This collection will be available October 17, 2023 via